Who We Are

TASPA is a family-run business which was founded in October 2011. Our first location was in Umhlali where we ran for 2 years before moving to Salt Rock, where we stayed for 5 more. We then recently, in September 2018, decided to make the move to our current location in Shaka's Rock where we hope to keep thriving and growing.

Our branding consists of many family aspects such as the shops name which is an acronym for everyone in our family, starting with our last name:

T- Trusler

A- Arthur

S- Sam

P- Paige

A- Amber 

These are all of the people whose combined efforts help to run the business 7 days a week using each of our individual talents wherever we are able.

Our logo, the Tree of Life, represents our family tree. The four roots crossing over each other symbolize two parents and two daughters, showing where TASPA started. The branches represent You, our customers, and our continuing growth and strength as a Family.


Newspaper Articles:

Unbeknownst to us, in 2017 we made the front page of one of the Kathmandu newspapers on the 21st of February. We were shown this copy by one of our suppliers exactly a year later:



 On 14 January 2018 we had an article in the North Coast Courier, Page 18:




 TASPA was also featured in a full page article in the Business Report section of the Sunday Tribune, Pages 4 and 5 on February 11 2018: